Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The A-100 is the 300mm, 10-tube multiple launch rocket system developed by Beijing-based China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT, also known as 1st Space Academy) for the PLA ground forces. In many aspects, the system is very similar to the Russian Smerch 9K58 300mm rocket system. Its rocket is fitted with a primitive guidance system for greater accuracy. In 2002 the rocket system was spotted in service with the PLA 1st Artillery Division in Guangzhou Military Region, possibly for trial and evaluations.


Rocket calibre: 300mm
Rocket length: 7,300mm
Rocket weight: 840kg
Warhead: 235kg, ~500 submunitions
Firing range: 40~100km
Reloading time: 20 minutes
Launch vehicle road speed: 60km/h
Launch vehicle travelling range: 650km

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Sven Evers said...

Hi, as you stated, the A-100 is a 10-tube launcher. IMHO your pictures show the 12-tube PHL03.