Saturday, December 6, 2008

China, India kick off joint anti-terror drill

BELGAUM, India - A week of China-India army joint anti-terrorism training kicked off on Saturday with performances of tai chi and Indian martial arts.

The 'Hand in Hand 2008' training is scheduled to end on December 12.

Qin Xiangyou, who is in charge of Chinese soldiers participating in the sessions, said during opening ceremonies that the joint training was aimed at promoting the two armies' mutual understanding and trust.

He also said it was a way for the armies to develop their friendship, and expand the fields for exchanges and cooperation.

After the ceremony, Chinese and Indian soldiers displayed their weapons.

Moreover, Chinese soldiers performed tai chi and anti-terror shooting skills, while their Indian counterparts put on a display of the country's traditional martial arts.

During the sessions, the soldiers will train in anti-terror shooting and raids, exchange views on anti-terror theories and civilian and judicial issues, and carry out comprehensive drills with the theme of closing, controlling and searching.

China and India conducted their first anti-terror joint training in southwest China's Yunnan province last year.

China and India are the world's biggest developing countries. Peace and friendship between them is not only in the interests of both countries, but also important for bringing peace, stability and prosperity to South Asia, Ouyang Wei, professor of the University of National Defense, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua on Friday.

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