Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chinese Navy and Commandos parapared to fight Somali pirates

They look properly equipped. This trip should be a good training exercise.

Chinese Commandos Train To Kill Pirates

The Chinese South Sea Fleet recently conducted an anti-terrorism drill in which commandos flew to a merchant ship and then assaulted it by rappelling down from the helicopter and "cleared" the vessel of pirates and "rescued" the crew. Earlier this month, a Chinese cargo ship, the "Delight", and its 25 man crew, was taken by Somali pirates. About the same time, a Chinese fishing boat, with a crew of 24, was also taken by Somali pirates off the coast of Kenya. China has said it will contribute forces to help deal with the Somali pirates.



zeeshan rahat kureshi said...

I like the Chinese armed forces. They have a special relationship with those of my country. I think Chinese presence in Somalia will be of great help to the International community for taking care of piracy. Moreover, it would also be good for cheking American and Indian intentions in this part of the world.

suraj rai said...

@zeeshan....u hve not read proprly..firstly it will contribute not its army..its their commandos.. second thing i want u to clear is..tht india is a coutry which nvr tries to gain acess of others territory..like u r country...