Monday, January 26, 2009

China to conduct exercise in Aksai Chin near border with India ?

China to conduct exercise in Aksai Chin ?

China's CCTV program shows military officers learning about the landscape
of the Aksai Chin region.

In 2006, a Google Earth user KenGrok discovered a "sandbox" in China's Ningxia province.
Later it was found this "sandbox" is a model of the Aksai Chin region, which is
1,500 miles to the southwest of Ningxia.

There were a lot of speculations on why China built a "sandbox" model of its sensitive border with India. Most agree this model is used by Chinese military for training purpose.

The CCTV video shows military officers studying the map of Sino-India western border region.
The "sandbox" model can be clearly seen in the background.

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