Sunday, January 4, 2009

Type F-22P Frigate For Pakistan Undergoes Sea Trial

Pakistan purchased four Type F-22P frigates from China.
The first of the four ships, #251 is currently undergoing sea trial near Shanghai.
China will build the first two ships, and Pakistan will build the other two.
The spec of Type F22P frigate is listed below, it is a good looking ship.


zeeshan rahat kureshi said...

Thank you for posting these pics. I put your link in a Pakistan defence related forum, so hopefully your blog will get hits from there too. Keep it up.


any comments on News item of C-602 acquisition by Pakistan Navy

有消息称,巴基斯坦已经获得120枚中国C602反舰巡航导弹,印度对此很生气。除了生气,印度也没有其他 什么可做。巴基斯坦海军认为C602反舰巡航导弹对付印度海军很实用。 12月22日,印度和巴基斯坦因孟买恐怖袭击造成的紧张气氛骤然升级。因有传言称印度空军将空袭巴基斯坦的 核设施,巴三军立即进入级别最高的“红色警戒”状态,并派战机在各大城市和重要目标上空巡逻。同时巴基斯坦 陆军已经在克什米尔地区集结待命,巴基斯坦海军也严阵以待。


  C602是全新的远程反舰导弹,它的外形也和以前出现的国产反舰导弹有很大差别。C602中部有可向后折叠 的一字型弹翼,让它颇有几分美制战斧导弹的味道。C602的进气道位置在导弹腹部,之后是十字型尾舵。它采 用了涡喷发动机,最大射程可达到280千米,战斗部重量为300千克。从C802A和C602两个同样比例 为1:3的模型来看,它们的长度应该相差无几,但C602的弹体较粗,因此它在射程上有很大的 提升。

  C602是YJ-62的出口型。YJ-62依然属于高亚音速范畴,其飞行速度约为马赫0.6- 0.8,最小射程达到40-60公里,巡航高度为30米,末段巡航高度降低到7-10米。YJ-62依然采用中国反舰导弹一贯的主动雷达制导体制,具体形式为单脉冲捷变雷达体制。弹载雷达的作用距离为4 0公里,而小型的YJ-83(C-803)型反舰导弹的弹载雷达作用距离只有25公里。YJ-62雷达可对正负40度的海平面进行扇面搜索。
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Pakistan received 120 cruise missiles C602 China, India, very angry!

It is reported that Pakistan has received 120 Chinese C602 anti-ship cruise missiles, India on this very angry. Apart from the angry, India can do no other. Pakistan Navy C602 anti-ship cruise missiles that deal is very practical. December 22, India and Pakistan because of terrorist attacks in Mumbai caused by a sudden escalation of tension. There are rumors that due to the Indian Air Force air strike in Pakistan's nuclear facilities, Pakistan armed forces immediate access to the highest level of "red alert" status, and sent warplanes in the major cities and important goals over the patrol. At the same time, the Pakistan Army has been staging in the Kashmir region, Pakistan Navy is also bracing.

C602 anti-ship cruise missile

C602 is a new long-range anti-ship missile, its shape and also appeared before the home-made anti-ship missiles are very different. C602 Central C602 can be folded back wings of a font, it is quite a few US-made Tomahawk missiles taste. The location of the inlet C602 missile abdomen, followed by a cross-shaped It uses a turbojet engine, can reach a maximum range of 280 km, warhead weight of 300 kilograms. C802A and C602 from two similar proportion is 1:3 model of view, they should be roughly the same length, but the C602 missile thick, so it in the range there is a great improvement.

YJ-62 is still high subsonic areas, the flight speed of about Mach 0.6-0.8, the minimum range of 40-60 kilometers, the cruise height of 30 meters, the last paragraph of his cruising altitude down to 7-10 meters. YJ-62 is still making use of Chinese anti-ship missile has been active radar guidance system, the specific form of agile monopulse radar system. The role of airborne radar bombs a distance of 40 kilometers, while the small YJ-83 (C-803) anti-ship missiles, airborne radar missile range is only 25 kilometers. YJ-62 radar may be plus or minus 40 degrees to the sea fan search.