Wednesday, August 19, 2009

China's stealth Type 022 Fast Attack Missile Craft

The Type 022 (NATO codename: Houbei class) is the new-generation catamaran (twin-gull) missile fast attack craft (FAC) built for the PLA Navy. The first-of-class (hull number 2209) was launched in April 2004 at the Qiuxin Shipyard based in Shanghai. Six contractors are now involved in the construction of the Type 022. Approximately 81 or more of these missile boats are currently in service with three flotillas, having gone through serial production. The vessel replaces the ageing Type 021 (Huangfeng class) that were commissioned between the late 1960s and early 1980s.

The wave-piercing catamaran offers great high-speed, long-distance cursing performance. The twin hulls of the catamaran enable the vessel to be more stable when travelling at high speeds than the conventional single-hull craft. Catamarans are especially favourable in coastal shallow waters, where large single-hull warships have limitations due to their deeper draft. The Type 022 missile FAC was likely to be used for costal defence roles in conjunction with larger surface ships and land-based aircraft.


* Displacement: 220 tons full load
* Length: 42.6 m
* Beam: 12.2 m
* Draft: 1.5 m
* Speed: 36 kt
* Crew: 12
* Armament:
Anti-ship missiles: 8 C-801/802/803 or
land-attack missiles: 8 Hongniao missile-2 long range land attack cruise missiles.
Surface-to-air missiles: FLS-1 surface-to-air launcher with 12 QW class MANPAD missiles
Guns: 1 x licensed copy of KBP AO-18 6-barrel 30 mm gun (AK-630) by ZEERI
* Propulsion: 2 diesel engines @ 6,865 hp with 4 waterjet propulsors by MARI
* Radars:
Surface search radar: 1 Type 362
Navigational radar: 1
Electro-optics: HEOS 300

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