Monday, April 12, 2010

China to provide Bangladesh with two frigates and two large patrol crafts

PM reveals plans to modernise Navy

Govt to buy submarine, missile, frigate

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Sunday revealed the government's mega plan for building Bangladesh Navy as a deterrent and three-dimensional force by incorporating submarines, helicopters, missiles, new frigates and other necessary modern equipment and vessels, reports UNB.

Addressing the officers and sailors at Naval Headquarters, the Prime Minister said soon, two more frigates will be included to Bangladesh Navy fleet.

Sheikh Hasina said during her recent China visit, she had requested the Chinese government to provide Bangladesh Naval Force with two newly-constructed frigates including helicopters, and the Chinese government gave consent in this regard.

Besides, naval ship Bangabandhu, decommissioned during the last BNP-Jamaat government on political ground, will be made fully operational again, she said.

The Prime Minister further disclosed that agreement signing has already been completed to buy two helicopters and missiles, while the process for collecting two offshore petrol vessels from the United Kingdom is at the last stage.

Moreover, work is also proceeding to collect a Hydrographic Survey Vessel from the UK, and process is ongoing in China to equip two Large Patrol Crafts with missiles, Hasina added.

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