Thursday, November 11, 2010

First L7 trainer aircraft to debut in Airshow China 2010

The first domestically-made L7 model trainer aircraft is expected to debut in the upcoming the Eighth China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, which is also known as Airshow China 2010.

The L7 is a newly-designed sport and training aircraft model made by the Hong Du Aviation Industry Group, a huge backbone enterprise subordinated to the China Aviation Industry Corporation. It is used for pilot selection and primary training in air forces as well as for civil aviation clubs.

The aircraft cabin has a digital integrated screen, an emergency ejection system and a comfortable cockpit in line with international practice. All of the technical indicators of the L7 model were further improved over the previously-made L6 model.

The L7 aircraft project was approved by the National Defense Commission in 2007 and a prototype was displayed at Airshow China 2008. The detailed design of the L7 aircraft was completed in March of this year to start full trial.

It is reported that the first L7 aircraft will be unveiled during the air show, which will last from Nov. 16 to Nov. 21, after the assembly and painting is completed.