Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chinese K-8 Aircraft Completes Test Flight At 4,000 Meters Above Sea Level

China continues to improve on the K-8 trainer to meet different training scenarios.
At 4000 meters, K-8 should perform adequately when deployed to Tibet.

      The second stage of K8 test flight trainer was successfully completed at a plateau airport 4,058 meters above sea level. Chinese and foreign pilots jointly completed all plateau test subjects, including six sorties of both models of clean configuration +50% and +100% built-in fuel.

      Earlier, K8 aircrafts were only used at plain airports less than 1,500 meters above sea level. Now, K8 series aircrafts can meet the operation requirements in the plateau airport 4,058 meters above sea level.

      To meet the user’s needs and expand the range of application of K8 aircrafts, a series of development and test work has been done to improve its plateau adaptability.

      The success of K8 test flight at plateau area makes it the first Chinese military aircraft taking off at 4,058 meters above sea level.

      The K8 aircraft is now able to take off, land and operate at 99.9% airports around the globe.